About Real Right

Jarel Brown also known to the world as Real Right, is an American rapper born and raised in Bronx, New York. With his childhood similar to most minorities in the area, he was raised in a single parent home with some assistance from his grandparents. His mother struggled to make ends meet and since Jarel was the oldest of her children, he had no choice but to mature fast. His escape lied within the realm of his headphones, as his cd player began to play, his pen began to fill his pad with all his problems. The struggles that he wrote started out as just being words that slowly turned into poems and from poems they turned into lyrics. 

He recorded his first mix-tape, Definition Of A Soldier, in 2003, while being signed to an independent label Scotch Bonnet Records. Due to dead lines and being pressed for time, he was forced to rush his project that went no where fast. Because of the lack of promotion, no budget and having to deal with the fact that he was doing everything for himself, Real Right decided to leave the label after being with them for less than one year. After Scotch Bonnet Records, things seemed to go down hill for Real Right. The passing of his grandmother in late 2003 and his grandfather shortly after in 2004, took a toll on him mentally. His happiness seemed distant until the birth of his son Jarel Brown Jr. in 2006. Giving up his dreams of a music career seemed the obvious choice, allowing him to attain a steady job and provide for his family. 

Several years would pass before connecting with a local producer J Paperz, who Real Right describes as having some of the hardest beats he'd ever heard in his life. Listening as the beats left the speakers, the words began to appear as if the craft had never left him. In 2008, Real Right recorded his first single Money On My Mind, having his co-worker Greg P sing in the background and on the hook. As soon as the song was released to the public, the flood of positive feedback came in which motivated Real Right to take his music career a little more serious and to the next level. Soon after, he started entering competitions all over New York City performing his hit single, winning most of them. Ending the year with a bang, he was giving the Elegant Hoodness #1 Artist of 2008 award. 

After endless days of writing and hundreds of studio sessions, he released his second mix-tape, 1st Impression, in February of 2011, which received over a thousand listens and downloads in its first day. For the first time, he felt ready. Real quickly shot his very first video for his single off the mix-tape "For The Haterz". Finally the phone began to ring and promoters were interested in having him perform. It would be that interest that grab the attention of a rep that worked with the former manager/owner of Premiere Entertainment/Group Inc. Carlton Wright in September of 2011. 

Carlton had started CW-One Entertainment, LLC a year prior and always had an ear and passion for new talent. At the rep's request, Carlton reviewed Real Right's page on Reverbnation Network. This sparked Carlton's interest and had the rep contact Real via Facebook to perform in an upcoming event. A few weeks would pass until the two actually met face to face after Real's showcase performance in the Village. Once again, Carlton was impressed. After several meetings and discussions, the duo joined forces in October 2011. Set to remind the world of true hip-hop. Since joining CW-One, Real Right has finished recording his album in the spring of 2012 he has traveled to many different states such as Virginia, Atlanta, South Carolina and More to promote the release of his first single titled “Bananas” which was getting heavy radio play in the south east market. Real Right just recently released his second single titled “For The Haterz” off his upcoming album that will be dropping in the summer of 2013 and Real is also working on another mix-tape project set to be released in late June of 2013. Despite the trials he faced, he's finally here with a fresh outlook, slick flow and a mean swag. 
Real dropped his first single “Bananas” in March of 2012 and dropped his second single “For The Haterz” in February of 2013. Both songs will be on Real’s album titled “It’s Only Right” that was supposed to be dropping in July 2015 following his mixtape titled "M.A.D (Motivated And Determined)" in Feb 2015. Only 3 weeks after releasing his mixtape "M.A.D (Motivated And Determined)" Real suffers from depression and decides to take a break from music to get his life back in order. During this time Reals contract with CW-One Entertainment was coming to and end and Real needed to decide if he was going to resign with the current label or leave. Real decided not to resign his contract with CW-One Entertainment and Real removed his mixtape and most of his music from all social sites, not to be heard from again. 

In the end 2017 Real Right returns to social media, mostly instagram & facebook dropping freestyles left and right to industry songs just to let his fans know that he didn't fall off and that he still got it. In Early 2018 Real let's his fans know that he was returning to music and was going to rerelease his last project "M.A.D (Motivated And Determined)" with a few new songs on it. In July of 2018 Real Released 2 new songs titled "Lay You Down"& "I Won't Deny It" Which started getting good feedback instantly. A week after dropping those to bangers, Real releases another song titled "Send Me To My Grave" which is also doing very well.  

Real Right is currently getting set to release his first official radio single to the world no later than Oct 2018, all I can say is keep your ears and eyes open because this time around Real said theres no stopping him.